Arthur A. Harrison – San Bernardino County Judge, Office 2

Voters often tend to wonder what qualifications they should look for in certain candidates on the ballot, and they may even wonder if their vote is important or not.

In choosing a candidate for judge, the background and experience of the individual running is very important.  Technically, anyone who has been an attorney for ten years may run for the Office of Superior Court Judge.  The role of a judge is a complex one, however, and requires good judgment, a good demeanor, good moral character, and the experience to apply the law in a manner that it upholds the will of the People, while creating a fair forum for all persons having their matters heard before the Court.

The more experience a judge has, both before taking the bench, and after, the better the likelihood that that judge will be able to grasp the issues coming before the Court.

Judge Harrison meets these qualifications and has served well in his capacity as Judge of  the Superior Court now for 17 years.  If you are unsure who to vote for, look to the people who do know – the other judges and the people in the local law enforcement/legal community, to see who they choose.  Their choice to support Judge Harrison is a good indicator that he is the best candidate for the job.

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