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Fighting for a Better California

California is our home. It's unending beauty and abundant natural resources make it among the greatest places in the world to live. Unfortunately, leadership in our state has gone by the wayside.

For many of us, California has slipped past the point of comfort. Policies put in place by the leadership over the last several decades have sent California into an almost never ending downward spiral.

It's time to fight back. We must restore conservative values and fiscal responsibility. In order to take back our state, we must come together and let our voices be heard. The Conservative California Report will work as a unified voice and serve to shed light on California's faults and help guide California to a prosperous future.


Speak Your Voice

Conservative California is a decentralized platform that encourages all Californians to participate in the discuss. If you have an idea to share and would like to get it published, here is the place to do so.

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Get Involved

Learn how to get involved in the fight to take back California. The Conservative California Report website has all the information you need to get active in any way that you can.

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The Conservative California Report thrives only with your help. become a Conservative California Ambassador today and help us get the word out to as many Californians as we can.

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The Conservative California Political Action Committee is fighting in political races across the state to TURN CALIFORNIA RED. For a small, monthly contribution, you can help us achieve our goal of a CONSERVATIVE CALIFORNIA.